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Prvi PPU Ammunition

 FMJ & Soft Points

PPU Stockists Retail Priced.
Please call for availability, all ammunition can only be collected in store or sent to another RFD,

ppu stockists simply ammo

Description Per 100
 PPU 22 Hornet SP 45g
PPU 222 SP 50g
50.30 Stock
50.30 Stock 
PPU 223 REM SP 55GR  50.30 Stock
PPU 223 REM BT 69 GR Match 65.65 Stock
PPU 308 FMJ BT 145GR 63.70 Stock
PPU 308 HP BT MATCH FMJ 168GR       75.00 no stock
PPU 243 WIN SP 90g & 100g 62.85 Stock
PPU 6.5X55 FMJ BT 139GR 62.85 Stock
PPU 7.5X55 SWISS FMJ 68.40 Stock
PPU 7.62X39 FMJ 123GR               58.70 LimitedStock
PPU 7.62X54r FMJ  182G       68.40 No Stock
PPU 303 BRITISH FMJ BT 174GR 77.00Stock
 PPU 8 x 57 mm Match 198g               82.75 LimitedStock 
PPU .270 SP 150g   62.85 Stock 
PPU 38 SPL RNFP 158GR               28.50 LimitedStock
PPU 357 MAGNUM FPJ 158GR               42.80 LimitedStock
PPU 40 S&W TMJ 180GR 42.80 Stock
PPU 44 MAGNUM 180GR FPS 53.55 Stock
PPU 22-250 Rem SP 55g   62.85 Stock 
Heads (Tracer)  
NEW STOCK SIMPLY AMMO5.56mm Tracer New 62g Mil spec  
Sold out  20.00
7.62/308 Tracer Heads (New) 
Limited Stock 16.00

See Surplus Ammo Page For Alternative Ammo

simply surplus ammo

Prvi .308 Match 168g

simply ammo privi ammo


Sellier & Bellot Ammunition

We are pleased to supply 

sellior & Bellot ammunition stockists

9 x19 mm 115g FMJ 

223 55g FMJ 

303 180g FMJ 

8mm 196g FMJ 

308 147g FMJ 

12g Slug 28g & 32g

We also stock sellier & Bellot primers 

.270 New cases in stock PPU    
.308 New Cases in stock PPU
7.62 x 54r Cases in stock PPU
8MM (7.92) Cases in stock PPU
303 cases PPU
.223 Lapua Cases In Stock                                                                                            
Once Fired Cases

338 Lapua Magnum  Head Stamp T Once fired cases 65.00 Per 100
338 Lapua Magnum  Head Stamp T Once fired cases 75.00 Per 100  Cleaned
 50 Cal once fired cases 0.50 per case To Order

Special Offers

Special Offers - ) Shotgun reloading powder call for best offer

FMJ Bullet Heads - See Bullet Tab For Full Range

hodgdon powders simply ammo

Reloading Propellant Powder Stockists
See Powders Page

lee reloading

Lee Reloading Press & Die Stockists
See Reload Page

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New Range Mossberg Shotguns

Surplus Ammunition
Berretta Silver Pigeon III  Game 12g  
AYA No 2 sxs 12g Shotgun 1400.00
AYA Coral B o/u 12g Shotgun
Howa 1500  .308 & .223 Varmint

 Ammunition    |    Simply Ammo Due In......

CCI Mini Mag 22 LR - Instock
Blazer 22 LR  - 6.00 Per 100  N/A
Federal  Small Rifle
Primers Instock
Federal Small Pistol Primers Instock
Federal Large Rifle Primers Instock
50 Cal Ball (1990)  3.30 Per Round
50 Cal M17 333.5 G Tracer Heads (New) 
Prvi .303 - Instock

PPU Ammunition Stockists

reloading simply ammo

357 simply firearms
PPU .357 Magnum 


PPU 38 Spl  RNFP 
privi 223 simply ammo
PPU .223 REM SP 55g 

ppu 308 match simply ammo

Privi .308 168g Match BT 

308 simply firearms

PPU .308 145g 

7.62 short simply ammo

Privi 7.62 x 39 

cci simply firearms

Blazer 40g 22lr Lead 

mini mag copper simply ammo
Mini Mag 40g Copper 22 lr 
 In Stock


17 HMR
Expanding and hollow point available

Speer TNT  Hollow Point 17 gr  Per 50 Rounds
Winchester  Supreme  V Max 17gr  per 50 Rounds

We have some hornady 17 Hmr V Max Tip"  Per Box of  50 ( In Stock )

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